Payroll for academies


November 27th, 2014

Academies are publicly funded schools that operate outside of local authority control. Essentially, they have more freedom than state schools over their finances, systems and processes, the curriculum and teachers’ pay and conditions. A key difference is that they are funded directly by central Government, instead of receiving their funds via a local authority. In addition, they receive money which would previously have been held back by the local authority to provide extra services.


A clear advantage of this is that academies can now enjoy the freedom to choose the consultants and service providers that are right for them; in other words, they no longer have to revert to their local authority for support.


Take payroll management for example. The support offered by local authorities is more akin to a product than a service and, for that reason, they cannot offer academies the flexibility they require meaning that any changes that occur in the middle of the month may not be addressed until the following month. This can cause all sorts for frustrations, especially for outgoing and incoming staff.


As we are halfway through the payroll year, there is an opportunity for academies to step back and review the type of payroll service that fits their specific needs.


We provide a full payroll bureau service to a broad range of our clients, including an increasing number of academies, so our dedicated Payroll team has developed a very clear idea of what is needed in the market place. They take all the pain and ambiguity away, ensuring that any late amendments to payroll runs are handled in good time. They can deal directly with HMRC to ensure that the proper returns are submitted, they can process attachment of earnings orders, pay staff direct via our BACS Bureau service and by providing an employee portal for e-payslips.


Above all, we provide our clients with a stress-free service that is tailored to their specific requirements enabling them to relax in the sure knowledge that everyone, from the pensions agency to employees, is happy.


And we all know that a happy workforce is a more productive one.


Ryhope Infant Academy, a testimonial


Ryhope Infant Academy appointed Evolution to provide payroll services soon after they converted to academy status in September 2014.


“When we became an academy, we were keen to appoint a new payroll provider to take over from the local authority and we were impressed by the quality of service and expertise that Evolution was able to offer,” said Academy Business Manager, Jackie Mowbray. “Since then, we have built an excellent working relationship with their dedicated payroll team who understand the specific requirements of a school. They are approachable and helpful, they handle all of the relevant reporting requirements and their BACS service means that we don’t have to worry about making payments to staff, HMRC, and other providers such as pension schemes. As with all academies, payroll is our biggest cost and the peace of mind that we get from Evolution is very reassuring.”


On the subject of reporting, Jackie added, “The reports provided by Evolution are comprehensive as well as straightforward and they additionally produce a regular journal that ties in with our internal and external reporting needs. At the outset we agreed a reporting timetable that sets out each party’s responsibilities but there is sufficient flexibility in the service that they provide that ensures that we can process late changes. That is also really important to us.”